Friday, July 6, 2012

Dinosaur Camp - Day Two

More dinosaur fun to be had!  We read some more from the Magic Treehouse Dinosaurs Before Dark book.  Then, we did some dinosaur activities.  First up, we went to this website where there a step by step instructions on how to draw a number of fun things.  We started with the dinosaur section, where my daughter really enjoyed drawing this guy:

It's a pteranodon, in case you couldn't tell. :)  She drew the dinosaurs, then decided to move on to fruits and fairy tale characters.  Not exactly on topic, but fun for her nonetheless.
She loves to draw and had no art classes at school last year (budget cuts), so I was happy to let her have at the drawing for a while.

We then made a couple of pteranodon crafts inspired by those found on, which is a great resource.  Here's what we ended up with:

A pteranodon cut and assembled from a paper plate.  My daughter tired of coloring quickly. :)

A pteranodon "puppet" from a toilet paper tube.  Cute!

We also found a very cool website which has video replications of dinosaurs and what they might have looked like back in the day.  My daughter spent quite some time going through these short video clips.

Finally, I packed this lunch in honor of dinosaur camp.  We ate at the park and I surprised my daughter with a fun themed lunch.

It's a dino shaped salami sandwich on wheat bread, strawberries, cookies (to share), and a yogurt tube on the side.  Looking forward to our next day of dinosaur camp!

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