Thursday, August 16, 2012

Dinosaur Day Camp - Day Three

We continued with Dino fun on day three.  We continued reading the Magic Treehouse Book, which my daughter is enjoying.  The day's focus was on the T-rex.  We followed up the story with a couple of fun T-rex activities.  The first was to build a t-rex using this template.  Essentially, it's a paper t-rex "puzzle" that you cut out and piece together so that it can stand.  Here's my daughter creating her t-rex:


She decided her t-rex needed a leash, so we broke out the yarn.

Our t-rex happens to be a girl, of course, complete with blue eyes, eyelashes, and a bow on her head and tail.  Takes some of the fierceness out the the creatures, for sure!

Our next activity was similar, but this time we stuffed a two sided t-rex.  I'm so sorry, but I don't remember the website I printed the template from to give proper credit, but if I stumble upon it again I will add a link.  We printed two pictures, cut them out and stapled them together leaving a small opening for stuffing.  My daughter stuffed the dino with cotton balls and then stapled the opening shut.  Here's the process:

And the finished product!  Slightly less girly, but still with the blue eyes. :)

And the dinosaur face off!

Finally, to round out the day, we played this Build a Dinosaur activity on the Scholastic website.  Until our next prehistoric adventure...

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