Friday, January 4, 2013

The best laid plans...

Oh, my goodness, how time has flown.  I had the best of intentions to document all of our adventures this school year, but then the first week of September we found out we are expecting our third bundle of joy!  Super happy news, but what a motivation killer!  I spent the first half of this pregnancy face down on the couch, I'm afraid.  The sickness lasted most of the day, and it was difficult to keep up with the very basic of tasks, much less updating anything here!  But, I'm happy to report that I am feeling more or less human again and hope to revisit this little corner of cyberspace.  I do have some pictures that I've taken over the past several months I hope to post soon.  And we are plugging along with our homeschooling adventure, so hopefully I'll have some new things to share!

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